What Can You Sell to Plato’s Closet?

If you have clothing and shoes that you no longer wear,¬†Plato’s Closet¬†might be the perfect place for them to be. They are very particular about what they buy, so make sure they don’t have any holes, stains, or excessive wear. They generally buy items that are in style and in season. You can find their number by searching the internet. Once you have their phone number, you can contact them for details.

What Can You Sell to Plato's Closet?

Men’s clothing

Whether you’re a college student or an older gentleman, there are many ways to get rid of unwanted men’s clothes. Plato’s Closet specializes in clothing for young adults, but they also buy athletic wear. Those with excess clothing can sell it to Plato’s for cash. When an item sells, you receive store credit, cash, or a commission.

When selling men’s clothing, you’ll have to make sure you are a good fit. Men’s clothing stores like Plato’s Closet typically accept clothes from men who are looking for inexpensive items in good condition. The clothing must be in good condition, free from stains, and free from excessive wear. Also, keep in mind that the prices will change from time to time depending on what’s being accepted and sold.

Plato’s Closet has several locations, and each location has a different policy regarding what items they’ll accept. Different stores pay different prices for the same items, so make sure you’re honest when looking for the best price. If you’re selling clothing for a high dollar amount, you can try Plato’s Closet at a nearby location. You’ll be paid by check or cash!

If you have an excess of men’s clothing, Plato’s Closet will buy it for a fraction of its regular price. Prices for these pieces fluctuate regularly, and you can often get them for less than half of their original cost. You can get a great deal on basic wardrobe pieces for just $2 each. If you’re looking for a new pair of jeans or a new pair of sneakers, you can sell them to Plato’s Closet.

Plato’s Closet pays around 60% to 70% of their retail price. While they don’t pay top dollar, they’ll gladly buy clothes. Some stores will even pay you for men’s clothing if they’re in good condition. Just make sure the clothes are clean and dry and that you keep them in a transparent bin. You may even be limited by the number of bins you have available.

Men’s shoes

If you have old, unwanted men’s shoes, consider selling them to Plato’s Closet. You can get between $4 and $60 for your shoes, depending on the condition. The company also pays top dollar for men’s shoes that are in fashion. The store is conveniently located in many cities. You can find its number on Google by typing “Plato’s Closet.”

The stores at Plato’s Closet have an inventory of trendy men’s shoes, jeans, and clothes. Most of the items are resale quality, and they offer up to 70% off of regular prices. You can get designer clothes or high-end brands like American Eagle, Forever 21, Express, Lucky, and more. Each day, the store changes their inventory, so check back for new items.

If you have men’s shoes that are no longer in style, Plato’s Closet will buy them for up to 70% off retail value. They buy men’s shoes and other clothes in good condition and will give you between ten and forty percent of their original retail value. You can sell your men’s shoes to Plato’s Closet for as little as $13 per pair.

Plato’s Closet accepts men’s and women’s clothing, including accessories. The guidelines are strict, but there are some exceptions. If your items are oversized or too large, they may not be in fashion. The guidelines for selling your clothing vary from location to location. When selling men’s shoes, make sure to choose a convenient location in your area, and be ready to take pictures and videos of your items. Using video will help you differentiate between brands and sizes.

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